30 By 30

It’s been a while since my last post and a while since I’ve reached my goal, but I think it’s time to finally the share the fact that I did it!! At 24 years old I have completed my goal of visiting 30 countries before 30. Before I get into my 30th country experience I want to take a second to thank all of the people who supported me and my crazy amounts of travel these last few years. Continue reading “30 By 30”


Oktoberfest Guide: Tips for Survival – The DO’s and DON’Ts

Oktoberfest; the world’s largest beer festival began last weekend. I know it’s the 3rd week of September, but most of the festival actually takes place this month. The festival has become popular and is celebrated all around the world, but if you get a chance to head to the birth place of it all you won’t be disappointed. Oktoberfest comes but once a year in Munich, Germany – it is in fact one of the cities largest and most profitable tourist attractions. The 16 day party attracts over 6 million people every year who consume around 1.5 million gallons of beer. Sound like a good time? Trust me, it is.

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Study Abroad: Why You Should Do It and How To Get Through It 

For the past few months my Timehop has been cruelly reminding me of the wonderful time I spent abroad in the summer of 2014. Other than moving to one of the greatest cities in the world (NYC), studying abroad was probably my favorite college experience. Although my schedule would not allow me to attend a full semester I am thankful for the two months I spent living in beautiful Roma and traveling around Europe.  Continue reading “Study Abroad: Why You Should Do It and How To Get Through It “

Thailand Packing List

When it comes to packing if you’re anything like me, you waited until the last minute and are running around trying to figure out what to fill your backpack with. I think almost anyone would agree that packing for a trip is probably the worst part. You’re always wondering, did I bring too much? Or maybe not enough? Did I pack the right things? It’s always more challenging when you’re headed to a new place. I had never been to Asia so packing for Thailand was extremely difficult and required some, ok, several Google searches. Now that I’ve been I decided to put together a list to help make your job a little easier and avoid over packing if you’re headed to the land of smiles.

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How To Get Better Instagram Photos (3 Photo Editing Apps You NEED)

Unlike many bloggers I do not own a professional camera, in fact I wouldn’t even know what to do with it nor could I afford one. While traveling I use my GoPro and iPhone to take my photos so I rely heavily on editing apps. I’ve been asked the question several times –  so here it is. Here are the apps I use and consider to be the best when trying to make your iPhone photos look a little more like they came off a fancy camera.

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The Story Of My Stolen Passport

After 27 countries it finally happened, my first experience with theft abroad. Not exactly how I imagined my 2017 starting off. The single most important document you have while traveling was gone after a night out in Rome. Yes I’m talking about my passport. First of all I know what you’re thinking, “she went out with her passport?!?” Don’t worry I’m thinking it too. Continue reading “The Story Of My Stolen Passport”

6 Beauty Products I won’t Leave Home Without

If you’re a backpacker like myself, you would know that space is limited when it comes to packing for a trip. In the world of budget airlines and insane baggage fees, the less you bring the better. This can seem almost impossible, especially for a female who would more than likely pack her entire closet and vanity for a girls weekend trip.

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The Truth of the Single Traveling Girl 

Ok so I’m finally getting personal with you all. The TRUTH (from my perspective) about the single girl who travels. If you must know I’m currently on the train from Florence back to Rome. I may or may not be a bottle (or two) deep of wine and listening to love songs, but hey a little liquid courage makes it easier to admit the truth, no? Continue reading “The Truth of the Single Traveling Girl “