The Truth of the Single Traveling Girl 

Ok so I’m finally getting personal with you all. The TRUTH (from my perspective) about the single girl who travels. If you must know I’m currently on the train from Florence back to Rome. I may or may not be a bottle (or two) deep of wine and listening to love songs, but hey a little liquid courage makes it easier to admit the truth, no?  Welp here it is. Being single SUCKS. Especially when everyone around you is married, having children or in a relationship. In the world of tinder and bumble it seems almost impossible to meet someone. This trip has been amazing don’t get me wrong. Like I’ve been to 3 countries in 8 days, but I will say traveling during the holidays is faaaaaaaarrrr from easy (emphasis on the far, clearly). The holidays are a time for loved ones – I’ve seen more “engaged to” and “in a relationship” statuses on Facebook in the past few days than ever and it can kind of get your spirits down. Maybe I’m just bitter because of recent events in my own life (not getting into detail) but sometimes it would be nice to have someone to share these memories with.

I’ve heard things like “oh Lauren travels to escape the fact that she’s single” at first I was mad and I hate to admit this, but maybe it’s true. When traveling you escape all life’s problems… Well maybe being single is one of them. You lay down at night wondering if there’s someone out there for you, wondering if someones out there thinking of you too (poet and didn’t even know it).

Although it may look like everything is perfect and my life is awesome, it’s far from it. I’ve been screwed over and used more times than you can count. We all go through hard times and I’m here to say you’re not alone. Not everyone is as happy as they seem on social media, remember that.

I hope that by reading this post no one thinks I am ungrateful for anything I’ve experienced because it’s the exact opposite. As lonely as I get while traveling as a single girl, it has also helped me in many ways. I will be forever thankful for travel and the person it has made me, but sometimes it’s just hard.

xx Lauren

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