Travel Year Recap

2017 is only a few days away…. Wait what?! Yep that’s right.. another year has come and gone, and it sure has been a good one for me. Well travel wise anyway. From taking my first solo trip to exploring a new continent, 2016 was a year of personal challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone… Or as Kylie Jenner would say “Like realizing stuff.” Continue reading “Travel Year Recap”


Airbnb Reviews

I believe the less you spend on accommodation the better and I’m usually the first one to pick the cheapest hostel, but lately it’s been all about the Airbnb’s. Many of you have reached out to me about my recent experience with Airbnb on my trip to Thailand, so I’ve decided to share my personal opinion, as well the link to each place for those of you headed to the land of smiles. Continue reading “Airbnb Reviews”

20 Gift Ideas For The Traveler In Your Life

I don’t know about you guys, but finding the perfect gifts for people has always been a struggle. And if you’re like me you probably wait until the last-minute, which doesn’t help the situation by any means. It’s hard to believe it, but the holiday’s and season of procrastination is right around the corner, so I decided to make a list of what I think are some fun and useful gift ideas for that special traveler in your life. The items range anywhere from $5 to $500 to fit all different budgets!

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7 Travel Reads That Will Give You Major Wanderlust

Growing up I hated reading, you could not pay me enough to pick up a book… Spark notes were my best friend throughout school, as reading assignments were my worst nightmare. It was not until a few years ago that I realized when you find a genre that fits you, you actually enjoy reading. As my love for travel grew so did my love for reading about it. Now to me there is no better feeling than finding a book you cannot put down. Continue reading “7 Travel Reads That Will Give You Major Wanderlust”

Stuck In Amsterdam

I know by the title you’re expecting this awesome story of how I got stuck in Amsterdam and had a wild time, in fact this story is the polar opposite. We’re always so quick to talk about the positive experiences we have while traveling, but fail to mention some of the negatives. A year ago I was stuck in Amsterdam due to a missed connection on my way back to New York. At the time I was in tears, but now I look back and realize that this just like any other experience has help shape me into the traveler I am today.

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Out Of The Office – How To Travel The World With A 9 to 5 Job

You’re constantly reading about travel bloggers who quit their jobs to become full-time nomads, it’s the life we all want but few get to live. If it was simple to quit your job and hop on a plane for an adventure around the world I would be the first one at the airport, but let’s be realistic and say it’s not THAT easy.
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Costa Rican Adventure

Going into my Costa Rica trip I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I was getting myself into. From zip lining through the rainforest to swimming under a waterfall this beautiful country exceeded any expectations I did have. When I told people I was going to Costa Rica they were jealous of the “relaxing beach vacation” I was about to embark on, but it was the complete opposite. In fact we only spent 1 day at the beach, but I prefered it this way. I felt as though I was challenged to try new things, and step out of my comfort zone everyday.

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How To Travel On A Budget

I’ve decided to share with you some of my tips and tricks for traveling on a budget. You will see that taking a trip is not as impossible as it may seem. For starters good deals don’t just fall into your lap, well sometimes, but 90% of the time it requires hours of planning and research. I know it may seem like a lot of work, but when you stay in to save money for travel how else are you suppose to spend your Friday nights?!? Now I’m not by any means claiming to be an expert in trip planning, but I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned from my own experiences I can help you achieve your #travelgoals. So here’s what you need to do.. Continue reading “How To Travel On A Budget”